20' Chassis

In the mid 1970’s, John R. Long Sr. was looking for a chassis manufacturer that would help design and build a chassis that could haul more weight. The bulk of our business was hauling heavy products. With conventional 20’ chassis available you had a hard time scaling 26,000#. The 40’ chassis available was also lacking in design. John R. Long Sr. found Pratt Industries. Together they came up with a design that would help us haul a higher payload in a 20’ container than any other chassis on the market. This model became know as the CC26/33. Which simply stood for “container chassis” that stretched from 26’ to 33’.

Model CC26/33-B is a 26' Tandem axle Container Chassis with a 7' extendable slider to extend from, 26' to 33' for maximum cargo weight of 41,500#.

Our custom-designed and built 20' slider is the best for our application. It offers the best payload for the money. A standard 20' Pool Chassis has a payload rating of 38,000#. Our 20' slider has a payload rating of 41,500#. Clearly an advantage if you have weight-sensitive product moving in 20' containers.