When it comes to hauling in the Midwest, no one offers better solutions! At HARRY H. LONG MOVING STORAGE & EXPRESS INC., we have become an integral part of our Import/Export customers needs in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan by providing very time-critical and dependable intermodal services.

In many cases, we offer our customers the option of drop at no additional charge. Allowing you to load or unload at your pace and avoid detention charges. Taking the time to load/unload the container on your schedule also provides you with the flexibility you need today.

Our state-of-the-art dispatching, tracking and documentation technology will allow you to better manage your container tracking from rail to door.

When you need innovative solutions for your intermodal needs, look to LONG. Our cost-effective, streamlined services provide the flexibility to control and manage your goods when moving shipments in the Midwest. For shipments to and from other parts of the world, our customers use steam ship containers. These containers are moved by rail between the rail terminals in the Chicago, Illinois area and the Milwaukee, Wisconsin rail ramp and ports throughout the United States and Canada.



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